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Many businesses around the world, looking to keep up with modern business thinking, are searching for new and effective ways to train and motivate their workforce better. Companies are investing heavily in maximizing the value they derive from their human resource pool. Employees are no longer being viewed as static resources, but as evolving assets that influence the direction in which the company is heading. Business coaching is based on the basic idea that every individual can always perform better. Every person in your organization has its own distinct personality that reacts and responds differently to different styles and techniques of communication. What may work with one individual, may not be effective with another.

As such, it is becoming increasingly important for executives, managers or business owners to have the right kind of knowledge and skills to adequately inspire their workforce to devote their minds to the company. Business coaching can provide a platform for business owners or managers to thrive. It can also help in improving a range of business functions.

Human Resources

Human resources are often underestimated as a business function. The reality is that if a company is looking to be successful in the long-term, it needs to develop a work culture where employees are comfortable and secure in their responsibilities and relationships. Every employee needs to feel valued and motivated to perform their roles well. Over time, a company develops its own methodologies and practices and it may not be fiscally feasible to recruit and re-train on a frequent basis. Companies are, nowadays, focused on cultivating and harvesting talent from their own ranks.

The human resource department is crucial in ensuring that employees feel valued. The purpose of human resources is to relieve employees of any worry or concern, so that they may focus entirely on their responsibilities within the company. In many cases, this process begins with encouraging individuals to set their goals and targets higher than they were before. Business coaching can provide individuals with the right communication skills and a sound knowledge of motivational psychology that they can apply when communicating with their workforces.


Ultimately, every business is going to be judged on its revenues and its costs. On many occasions, business is set back due to a lack of effective communication, both vertically and horizontally, with respect to the organizational hierarchy. Improving the framework of communication and a company’s communication practices is crucial for a business to maintain a strong reputation within the industry that it is operating in. Business coaching will give individuals the skills and knowledge to implement systems of communication that focus on transparency and inclusion.

Moreover, business coaching also includes training in neuro-linguistic programming. This is a technique that looks to model exceptional traits within individuals through a process of verbal and non-verbal conditioning. The idea of NLP is to replicate the behavior and practices of individuals who have experienced exceptional success within relevant fields.


Your sales department is the face of your business. Sales is a difficult function because sales professionals often have to deal with rejection. Even the best sales professionals have, at one point in time, experienced low client conversion rates. As such, your sales team will need special motivation and encouragement to remain confident in their skills. Keeping a sales team motivated is no easy task, especially since they have knowledge of the amount of revenue a business is likely to bring in. Business coaching will equip individuals with the motivational tools that they need to inspire their sales teams to come up with innovative strategies and ideas.

Lets-Live offers business coaching programs tailored for executives, business owners as well as managers. These programs can be customized to suit our clients’ specific needs and challenges. A number of well-known brands have already benefited from Lets-Live business coaching. Whether it is to improve productivity or communication, if greater organizational efficiency is your goal, its a good idea to try Lets-Live.

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