2-Days Human Lie Detection Course

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2-Days Human Lie Detection Course at Let’s Live

The 2-days long human lie-detection course at Let’s Live introduces you to diverse concepts from the field of lie and deception detection to help you cut through other people’s lies and grow personally and professionally in an environment of truth and trust. Meticulously designed by lie-detection experts with unmatched expertise, the program aims to equip you with different tactics and techniques to help you become an expert in deception leakage/lie detection.

The course goes beyond establishing a foundation in the study of deception to give you a deeper understanding of the various aspects of human lie-detection, such as the psychology behind deception, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and the art and science of real communication. Unique and comprehensive in content as well as the manner of instruction, the course serves to enhance the tactical repertoire of today’s professionals so that they can benefit from some of the most exciting ideas in linguistics, communications, and psychology.

What Will You Take Back from The 2-day Course?

From learning to recognize the telltale or hidden signs of deception to analyzing body language for professional and personal success, there are numerous things that you will learn during the Master-2 program. By employing some well-established psychological, physical, and emotional methods, the participant can learn the following useful points about lie detection and more:

  • Reading people’s speech and actions
  • Recognizing a lie
  • Handling lies and its effects
  • Why do people lie?
  • To evoke candid responses from people by subtle modifications in language
  • To understand the true beliefs of people

Not just meant to initiate you into the world of deception leakage and lie-detection, the program poises itself to give you a learning that is both comprehensive and deep. You can rest assured that the lessons you learn during the 2-days course will stay with you for a really long time.

Course Content of the 2-days Human Lie-Detection Program

Our course covers an assortment of deception-related disciplines. Lie-detection is a complex field of knowledge requiring an integrated approach to its study. The course content of our 2-days human lie-detection program comprises modules that range from the basics of lie-detection to advanced lie-detection and deception leakage techniques. Take a look at the list for the course content of the lie-detection program, given below:

  • Body language
  • Mind games
  • Silent language
  • Important lie-detection tricks
  • Recognizing deception
  • Psychological profile
  • Consistency & Contradiction
  • 3 attack-sequence primers
  • How to be a successful human lie-detector
  • Interpersonal interactions
  • Use of advanced tactics and tools for uncovering lies and finding the underlying truths
  • Decoding micro-expressions
  • Gleaning information from conversations with people
  • Techniques to unravel deceit

Our instructors use powerful concepts and ideas from seemingly disparate fields to help you learn the above modules:

NLP Communication – Developed during the 1970s, NLP’s unified approach to understanding various human situations has been gaining growing acceptance among experts. We introduce you to the various NLP concepts and tools with a special emphasis on the NLP communication model. According to NLP, each individual creates their own definitions of reality by conscious and unconscious filtering of information.

In order to really communicate with any individual, it’s important that you see the world the way they see it. Our life coaches, mentors, and NLP experts through tools like mirroring – subtle mimicking of the other person’s behavior when communicating with them – show you how to build rapport with people and communicate clearly. We will also introduce you to NLP eye patterns and language precision to enable you to detect lies with greater precision and confidence.

How to structure your language to always get the truth – By clever alterations of speech, you can make others reveal the truth they were trying to hide. However, this would call for including certain subtle interrogatory phrases in the conversation, and a keen understanding of mind games. With the help of our vastly experienced instructors, you will come to master these strategies and use them to get candid responses from people around you.

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