Marriage Coaching

No person gets married, with the intention of getting divorced. Our marriage coach can help people resolve marital issues that they might not be able to resolve on their own. Some people have tried marriage counseling, but have not benefited. Our marriage coach takes a different approach. Counseling can help in many cases, but coaching creates action, and action brings change.

If you feel that a certain area in your marriage is stuck, our marriage coach can help you. Before you consider throwing in the towel, ask this question to yourself, ‘What would happen in five years, if things do not improve?’ If you are not comfortable answering this question, maybe it is time to seek support from a marriage coach.

What is meant by marriage coaching?

Couples who are facing issues in their marriage may not be in a position to look at them objectively. Most individuals who are battling with issues in their marriage will blame their partners for them, rather than to look at the root cause. 

Marriage counseling can be used by premarital couples, couples who want to bring improvements in their marriage, couples who are facing problems and even those who are on the brink of divorce.

Is it possible for a coach to save a marriage?

A marriage coach can help untangle knots in a marriage, but coaches do not purport that they can ‘save’ marriages. Through coaching, relationship issues can be clarified. For instance, coaches can separate what you can control from what you cannot. It brings awareness, where before only fear, resentment and avoidance existed.

There is no doubt that your marriages can gain from coaching when you trust the process.

How are coaching and counseling different?

The term ‘coaching’ in marriage coaching is a metaphor taken from the world of sports, where every competitive team will have a coach. No team can even try for excellence without the services of a coach. During coaching, there is no need to admit that you need help or even that you have a problem, so feelings of shame that are often triggered during counseling do not exist.

Most marriage coaches have been in long term happy marriages and they can impart the experiences and the skills that have made their own marriages successful to their coachees. Thus marriage coaches can help couples develop strong, healthy and vibrant relationships.

Counselors are more solution-focused and they may inadvertently pressurized individuals into accepting solutions that they may not be comfortable with. When we think about the word ‘therapy’, you may visualize someone who needs help or cure. Individuals work with coaches on their own accord, not because they have to. Marriage coaches, when contrasted with counselors, are not called experts. Rather, they are people who have a certain skill set, which they use to support those who have goals to fulfill.

How can we help you?

Marriage coaching can help couples cope with challenges, stop divorces, get over past hurt or broken trust, improve communication and understanding, reconnect and learn forgiveness. Our marriage coaching sessions are tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs and family culture. We have the utmost respect for your religious faith. We will work out sessions that will improve your marriage and levels of trust.

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