Mentoring Programs for Directors

3, 6, 12-Month Mentoring Programs for Directors

It’s not easy being at the helm of affairs of an organization. You require sound knowledge of business, excellent decision making and interpersonal skills, ability to motivate and inspire your employees, and above all, a grim determination and tons of confidence to make a successful company director.

Just as great tennis players or world leaders, are not born with the ability to send down aces at will or give eloquent speeches; great company directors are not born with the skills that would help them steer companies to growth. They acquire these skills and competencies through years of learning and practice.

We, at Let’s Live believe that it’s possible for you to learn and develop qualities that any excellent director of an organization is expected to have. Through our 3, 6 and 12-month-long mentoring programs, we try to help you achieve the transformation from being just another company director, to one who can actually make a difference to the company and its employees.

Our programs aim at empowering you to make positive changes to your life, so that you can make unique contributions to your company. With experiential learning, powerful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, and several other tools our business coaches and mentors will help you become an effective director who is enthusiastic, keen, committed and an absolute pleasure to work with/for.

3-Month Mentoring Course for Directors

Whether you are already on a company’s board of directors or are hopeful of being elevated someday, there’s a great deal for you to learn from our 3-month mentoring course for directors. From learning about how to handle board meetings, to identifying the right medium for expressing your concerns regarding the company; within a time span of three months you will get to learn, understand and practice key management and business concepts.

Through advice, guidance and support of a Let’s Live mentor you will gain the ability to define realistic strategies to successfully meet your goals as a director and help the company reach its long-term goals. We will introduce you to NLP tools and techniques such as mirroring and hypnosis to help you communicate clearly with employees and peers.

Suggesting organizational changes and marketing approaches is an important part of a director’s job. During the 3-month long program we will train you about different traditional and modern-day market strategies so that you can make a positive contribution to your company .

6-Month Mentoring Course for Directors

Meetings and discussions at higher executive levels play a crucial role in shaping the fortunes of a company. Our professional life/business coaches and mentors can help you get more organized, so that when you walk into a business meeting you are fully prepared to ask the right questions or air your concerns during discussions with other board members and company executives.

With power comes responsibility; with the director’s post you will have a lot of responsibilities, many of them unique to your job. It will be our aim through the 6-month-long mentoring course to help you understand more about these responsibilities and empower you to fulfill them with considerable ease.

With the course covering a wide range of topics from an exploration of your inner-self to understanding how you and other people communicate, it is an exhaustive program that will help you hone your capabilities as a director with able support from a Let’s Live mentor.

12-Month Mentoring Program for Directors

By emphasizing experiential learning this 12-month long course helps you internalize different concepts and techniques that you learn during the program so that they are strongly ingrained in you. Using a variety of developmental experiences including reflective journal-keeping, business school-style coursework, and 360 degree feedback we help you practice your skills as a company director in different situations and settings. After completing your training you emerge a confident, thoughtful, and highly motivated director who can responsibly represent shareholders interests and guide company’s management to achieve growth for all the stakeholders.

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