Mentoring Programs for Employees

Mentoring Programs for Employees: 3, 6, and 12 Months

To ensure that your new employees are abreast with your company’s policies and workings, setting up a mentoring program can be beneficial. However, having the right intentions is not always enough. You should also put in some effort to develop and implement a mentoring program for new employees at all stages. Alternatively, you could save considerable resources and rely on professional coaching services that regularly provide mentoring programs for employees. Before you begin, list down the objectives of the mentoring program and what you hope to achieve at the end of each session. These objectives could include:

  1. Enhanced skill set
  2. Improved company image
  3. Improved job satisfaction and moral
  4. Better self confidence
  5. Positive attitude and retention
  6. Enhanced creativity
  7. Enhanced leadership abilities
  8. Increased productivity

You could also decide the type of arrangement most suitable for mentoring – would you prefer a formal or an informal setting or whether you prefer individual or group mentoring. With help from the right professionals at Let’s Live Coaching, you can develop a practical, result oriented and resourceful mentoring program. We currently offer these sessions that last 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, depending on the nature of the sessions and the position of the employee.

Important considerations you should make

Apart from deciding on the nature of the mentoring program, you can also choose the level of involvement of the manager or mentor. It is up to you to decide how much authority a manager has over the employee in comparison to the mentor. This will not only help you set boundaries but also help manage your budget in an effective manner. Another important consideration you must make is choosing the right mentor.

To implement an effective mentoring program, you can choose any professional who is temporarily suited. Since the program itself will not run beyond a few months, you can assign different employees to handle mentoring. It is not always necessary to seek help from the senior most professionals. While the post and designation of the mentor is not of utmost importance, their skills are. Choosing the right mentor can help a new employee grasp the concepts easier and help create a stable path of communication.

Mentors at Let’s Live Coaching are helpful, patient and attentive when it comes to communicating with employees. The ideal mentors also exhibit great energy levels and enthusiasm when working in a team and are known for their leadership and communication skills.

The right mentor is also well connected within the organization and has a broader perspective of the employee’s progress. Our mentors often hold discussions with managerial professionals in mapping and analyzing the progress of employees and using the right methods to achieve more. They are also trained in working with less experienced employees and show understanding and patience.

Our employee mentoring programs

Employee mentoring programs are generally scheduled over a period of a few months. Depending on the how intensive the program is geared to be, we offer program sessions that last between three months and a year. Apart from working with new employees in your organization, we also organize training sessions for senior professionals who can provide mentorship themselves. However, before we begin working with your senior professionals, it is important to choose the right mentors.

Start by choosing positive employees that are agile, flexible, enthusiastic and open minded. You can also pair up mentors and employees based on their work experience, hobbies, skills and other common grounds. A reliable way to find the right mentors for unique new employees is to talk to managers who directly work with senior employees and hold discussions on their strengths and weaknesses. 

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