Mentoring Programs for Entrepreneurs

Mentoring Programs for Entrepreneurs: 3, 6, and 12 Months

Mentoring Programs for Entrepreneurs: 3, 6, and 12 Months

As an entrepreneur and business leader, one of your main responsibilities includes analyzing the performance of your employees and helping them excel. One of the most effective methods of connecting and communicating with your employees is through mentoring. With an effective mentoring program in place, you can ensure that your employees understand the philosophies and work culture of your organization and adapt to them seamlessly. While mentoring can be a rewarding experience, it needs practice and patience.

Mentoring can provide great personal and professional satisfaction as you are connecting with your employees in realizing and achieving your dreams. Before you decide to add mentoring to your entrepreneurial duties, it is important to first understand your reasons for choosing the program. Determine your skill set and what you can offer before you seek a training program in mentoring.  

What our mentoring programs will teach entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur, you are not only responsible for the survival of your company, but also mentoring your employees and inspiring them. By holding regular sessions like training programs, one-on-one talks and other methods, you can become a successful entrepreneur and leader. With Let’s Live Coaching, you will learn to adopt many skills and learn how to mentor your employees the right way. Among these skills of mentoring include:

  1. Method of contacting employees: Depending on your style of mentoring and relationship with the employees, we can help you find the right method of contact and communication. Whether you prefer e-mail, telephone or personal meetings, we can help you develop the right logistics. If you are choosing indirect methods contact like phone or email, we can help you divide responsibilities and help you make the best use of your existing resources.
  2. Right frequency of reaching out: It is important to balance all your duties in a smart manner to ensure that no responsibility is being ignored in place of another. We can help you find the ideal duration you can dedicated for mentoring. These details include how much free time you have to work with your employees, frequency of meeting with them and how long you can spend per session. You can also decide whether or not you will attend formal training sessions.
  3. Confidentiality: It is a known fact that your employees are not privy to sensitive business information. However in many cases, you may have to discuss these situations to explain a new tactic or strategy better. With our training, we can help you express your ideas without endangering confidential business information.
  4. Skill set, experience and knowledge: As a mentor, you may have certain skills and techniques to offer to less experienced employees. Let’s Live Coaching addresses your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and helps you offer the right knowledge and experience to motivate and inspire your subordinates.
  5. Duration of mentoring: Another detail you must decide as a mentoring entrepreneur is how long you want the mentoring to continue. Whether you want it to be a month-long for a new employee or an ongoing analysis for all employees, we can help you make the right choice.  
  6. Learning to draw the line: When you proceed to provide mentoring to one or more of your employees, you must first decide the boundaries. A mentor-mentee relationship works best when certain boundaries and limitations are set. This allows the mentee to grow professionally without taking too much time from the senior. For example, if your expertise lies in HR and your mentee has a legal question, it is best that you direct them to an experienced professional in your organization rather than answering the question yourself. This creates an organized hierarchy and erases confusion among new employees.  

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