Mentoring Programs for Managers

Mentoring Programs for Managers: 3, 6, and 12 Months

Stepping up from the post of a regular employee to manager can be a drastic transition for many. With new roles and responsibilities and increased expectations, you must provide as much help and support to your new managers to help them excel. Mentoring programs for newly appointed mangers are an excellent way to train and equip them to handle their positions with ease. At Let’s Live Coaching, we offer professional, practical and affordable mentoring programs for your new managers. Depending on your unique requirements and level of expertise, we offer Mentoring scheduled for three months, six months and twelve months.    

Common challenges faced by new managers

Some common challenges faced by new managers in any organization or department include adapting to new and unfamiliar environments, navigating through office dynamics, and lacking the support or resources in the new department. Other problems faced by newly appointed managers could be lack of training and experience in soft skills and undetermined strategies to achieve the desired objectives. With the right mentoring program, new managers were found to provide better return on investment and employee retention. 

ROI for managerial mentoring programs

Some of the biggest benefits to the mentee include providing the necessary management tools to increase self confidence, expand skill set, and accelerate development of these skills. It is estimated that some of the main reasons behind the lack of growth in terms of skill and leadership in managers is owing to inhospitable working environments, lack of opportunities in terms of career advancement as well as quality of supervision by the mentor.

With the right mentoring, managers are also trained to be more professional in their approach and encourage collaboration wherever necessary. Regular mentoring also results in quicker incorporation of your organization’s culture and philosophies, creating a sense of belonging and commitment. Mentoring for mangers also allows them to grow personally and professionally owing to constant interaction with trained senior professionals and mentors.

The benefits of providing mentoring to new managers are not limited to the mentee alone. In fact, the mentor and your organization on a whole can enjoy great returns with effective planning and implementation of these programs. As a mentor or an organization, you can use the increased productivity of your new manager to enhance your knowledge and experience. You are also increasing the influence of the mentor within and outside the organization, expanding their contact list and allowing them to obtain peer recognition. Apart from professional and personal growth as a mentor, your senior employees can exponentially bring growth within your organization and become important names in terms of leadership.    

The ideal mentor for new managers

When considering mentors for new managers in your organization, you should make a few considerations. These traits and factors can help you choose the best mentor for your employee. Ensure that both the mentor and the manager are willing to work with each other. With voluntary participation, you can enjoy a greater degree of success as opposed to forced mentorships. Choose senior employees that are knowledgeable, experienced and patient with new managers. Voluntary participation ensures that both parties are interested in working together and enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to sessions. It is also important to choose mentors that are unbiased and impartial towards their mentee.

Unlike supervision or coaching, mentoring is a team effort that requires unbiased analysis and feedback sessions that help newly appointed managers growth from strength to strength. Impartial mentors tend to bring better results as they are not opinionated or biased in any way. One of the important factors that influence the overall mentoring program between new managers and mentors is trust. Ensure that your senior employee is able to build a comfortable working relationship with the manager.  

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