Personal Breakthrough

One on One Personal Breakthrough Session

The work of a life coach is like that of a sports coach. The sports coach’s job is to see that his team performs to its best potential. Likewise, a life coach helps individuals realize the strengths that lie within themselves and how they can use these strengths to create the behavior that will lead them to the life they want.

If you want to change but cannot afford to spare much time, or if you are desperate for change and want an immediate solution, then we can help you with our personal breakthrough sessions.

What is a personal breakthrough session?

Just think about how great it would be if you could rid all your limiting beliefs and negative behaviors, which may be stopping you from reaching where you want to go.

Many people reach a point in their lives when they feel things are not going forward as they want it to. They are looking for a way to escape the cycle they are caught in. You may be successful in some areas, but there will be plenty more where you might have to improve. A personal breakthrough session will give you an opportunity to improve in areas where you feel you need to make progress.

If you are struggling with some old problems or if you have recognized patterns that you want to change, personal breakthrough sessions can help you turn things over and help you leave those negative behaviors and patterns behind.

A personal breakthrough session is a quick way to make significant changes in personal development. We will combine techniques and skills such as Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and Time Line therapy, to help you make the changes that you want. At the end of your sessions, you will notice that moving towards your goals becomes easier.

Why should you enroll for a personal breakthrough session?

You may have read that individuals are born with all the resources they need, to find success and achieve desired outcomes. However, with time this programming changes because of outward influence and we begin to undermine our qualities. These will then come out as limiting or negative beliefs or behaviors.

Your state, attitudes, values and communication style will also play an important role, in whether you will achieve your goals or not. However, with Neuro-linguistic programming, you can re-program the mind and banish these limiting behaviors and beliefs.

The truth is you do not need days, weeks, months or years to bring about major changes. It can happen, in a few hours or even in an instant. Alternatively, it is also true that some people spend their lives trying to find solutions.

How can you benefit from a personal breakthrough session?

We conduct personal breakthrough sessions for a day or two. I believe that each and every one of us has an authentic contribution to make. Everyone is unique and this gives us a distinct value and an undeniable edge. We will employ several techniques to strip from you, the inferior opinion you have of yourself and help you live a fulfilling and sustainable life.

By the time the personal breakthrough sessions end, you will have gained a sense of direction and clarity in your life. Most importantly, you will feel motivated and confident like never before. Maybe for the first time, you will allow yourself to believe that you can achieve anything you wish.

The best part is you have brought about these changes by yourself. We would have equipped you with everything you will need to continue on your path to success and you will not have to come back to us unless you want to.

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