Relationship Coaching

What is meant by relationship coaching?

We build our lives around relationships and it is only fair that we want them to be balanced, fulfilling and harmonious. The ability to create balanced and healthy relationships is not something that we are born with. People learn their relationship skills from their parents and primary caregivers, by observation or directly.

Somewhere along that line, challenges develop and when this happens people’s natural inclination is to protect themselves. They shrink back into a safe place and create a shell to protect themselves from pain, but this also prevents people from experiencing joy. Some people even spend all their lives in this cocoon without realizing it. People eventually develop strategies and techniques to cope with the problem, but they never learn how to let go or change, when the relationship turns unhealthy.

But there is good news yet. You can learn the skills necessary to build healthy relationships and change the patterns in unhealthy ones with coaching. Our relationship coaches will help you develop the skills that you will need to create fulfilling and balanced relationships.  

What change does relationship coaching seek to bring?

In relationship coaching, personal development is not the goal. Rather the goal is to help the coachee with his or her relationship. The relationship coach should not impose personal development on the coachee at any cost. From this, you will see that relationship coaching is not about taking the coachee to a new state, but rather it is about working with them, at their existing level of development and maturity.

The main problem lies in perspectives and attitudes. These perspectives can become distorted. For instance, many professionals have developed views about life that interferes with their relationships. But the good news is critical reflection can transform these thoughts. Our relationship coaching will provide a framework for experimentation, learning and reflection.

How can you benefit from relationship coaching?

Working with a relationship coach brings many benefits. Everyone can benefit from relationship coaching, whether the relationship is going great or is rocky. Here are some of the benefits of relationship coaching.

Hope is renewed: Coaching can renew your relationship. You will rediscover lost love for your spouse or partner. You will find support during tough times.

Patterns are broken: Many couples are stuck in patterns, which relationship coaching can help break. For example, you may be fighting with your partner over one thing again and again. Through coaching, you will find out what it is that you are truly fighting over and then fix the problem.

 How to read people:  Through relationship coaching, you will understand what motivates you as well as your partner what motivates you, along with what motivates your partner. You will gain insights into situations and know when something is not right, even if your partner says it is.

Helps you communicate better: You will learn to create an environment where great communication can happen. We will teach you how you can become more positive and effective in your communication.

Learn the best ways to tackle difficult situations: You no longer have to worry about your relationship ending, because we will teach you to handle situations even when they get difficult.

Improve all your relationships: Apart from your relationship with your partner, your connections with your parents, siblings, employees, bosses and coworkers will also improve.

Become self-dependent: You will gain in self-respect and personal strength, which will lead to a better relationship. You will learn why it is important to say no sometimes and how you can do it without hurting your relationships.

How relationship coaching is different from couples counseling?

Relationship coaching is different from couples’ therapy, just like how coaching and psychotherapy are different. If you are having trouble in your relationship, you can take the help of a coach to clear your thinking, gain some perspective and set new inspiring goals.

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