Wellness Coaching for Executives

Wellness Coaching for Executives

As an executive you need to be able to cope with the stress of working in a competitive environment. Equal concentration on both, personal and professional goals is a must. Your wellness coach will help you achieve the same by facilitating an increase in self-awareness. You will be able to measure your status with regards to physical wellness, energy, and job satisfaction.

What does wellness coaching mean?

Wellness is a broad term that integrates the state of the mind, body, and spirit. It is a state of being – the spirit that your mind is at peace and not stressed out, your body is healthy, and soul, motivated and energized. Consequently, wellness coaching is aimed at helping individuals find their physical, mental and spiritual strength and an engulfing sense of overall wellness.

In its broadest sense, wellness coaching comprises the following areas ∴

  • Wellness of the body  ∴ This component of wellness coaching focuses on nourishing and strengthening the body effectively. Food and exercise habits, illness history, past injuries, key biometric measurements like the weight, blood sugar level and blood pressure are included while determining the wellness of the body.
    Depending on these factors, your wellness coach will help you develop and maintain a healthy body via a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wellness of the mind ∴ Focuses on mental peace and fortitude. Work can be extremely stressful and a stressed-out mind is an unhealthy mind, leading to an unhealthy body. Wellness coaching in this context is aimed at helping you relieve stress, teaching you the techniques of coping up with work pressure in a better manner, forming cordial and healthy relationships at work, improving self-image, and increasing self-confidence to name a few.
  • Wellness of the spirit ∴ The final component of wellness coaching, it includes diverse areas which do not fall under the body’s or mind’s wellness. Factors like work environment, personal relationships, lifestyle, culture, environment, which influence an individual’s sense of wellness and good spirits constitute the wellness of spirit.

What do executives stand to gain from wellness coaching?

Benefits of wellness coaching for executives are several and include the following:

  1. Increased awareness about your own self
  2. Better resources management
  3. Improved performance
  4. Heightened self-confidence
  5. Personal development

Having a thorough understanding of the personal and professional goals you have and the current status of the goals, is the logical first step in working towards achieving them. With complete understanding about your own self, you can stay clear of major health issues arising out of an unhealthy lifestyle or an unhealthy and stressed-out mind.

Once you are aware of yourself, you will be able to manage resources better, according to your priorities. Time management becomes easier as you now know which areas of life – work, exercise, gym, or family require more attention. Elimination of risky behavior also directly elevates your performance. With improved overall health, you enjoy reduced healthcare and insurance costs, increased attendance at work, better concentration and thus overall better performance.

You can work well with colleagues and clients and improve your self-confidence and perceived self-worth.

Discover enriching wellness coaching for executives at Let’s Live

We, at Let’s-Live have always been passionate about reaching out and helping others live a better and more fulfilling life. Acknowledged and approved by the Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals, Let’s-Live Coaching has transformed the lives of not only its clients, but also several orphans in South-Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique.

Deep understanding, love, and appreciation for every individual compel us to help each individual find their inner source of power, motivation, and strength enabling them to not only meet but also exceed their personal and professional goals.


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