Wellness Coaching for Teams

High performing businesses are essentially made up of high performing, cohesive teams that have the advantage of mature, professional relationships among its members. All high performing teams share two features in common – they all have talented members and these members share a trusting and highly functional work relationship. A team that has the best talents but is dysfunctional is not only unproductive. It may also result in severely jeopardizing consequences on the business as a whole.

To harness the full potential of a talented team, invest in the wellness coaching for teams by Let’s- Live.

Methodology we adopt to bring out the best in teams

We, at Let’s-Live use a basic three step approach to enable your team to work at its full potential. We begin by observing and understanding the present strengths and weaknesses of individual team members, with respect to the team.

For maximum effectiveness, the second step of our wellness coaching program is tailor made for teams and is built up on step one. Depending on the individual strengths and weaknesses of team members in context with the team, team members are coached to increase their productivity, optimize the existing relationships they have in the team and work on building bridges with other team members. When combined together, these improvements increase the overall performance of the team.

And as the final step, the team is made aware of any hidden strengths, latent talents, and the not-so-obvious weaknesses.

What your team stands to gain from our wellness coaching programs

The wellness coaching for teams that we provide entails an array of team building and performance increasing features. Team members learn of newer, more effective techniques of conversing authentically. An amicable code of conduct and acceptable behavioral norms are established so that team members can raise concerns or communicate differences without being hostile. Resolution of disruption or disharmony caused by changes in operating procedure, budgets or laws, mistrust of leadership, miss-communication, dissatisfaction, or complex working relationships between employees and management.

The basic idea is to make your team adept in communicating and resolving disputes while maintaining a stress free demeanor. Team wellness coaching acquaints team members with each other beyond the basic working relationships. Team members get a more comprehensive understanding of the lapses and stress triggers their peers may be prone to.

This enables team members with similar stress triggers to look out for each other in case a need arises in the future. Those with clashing demeanors are encouraged to sort their differences out, in the process fortifying the trust and dynamics of the team.

The advantages can be broken down into six basic points:

  1. Optimized understanding between team members
  2. Reduced friction, tension and hostility in the team
  3. Reduced personal stress for team members
  4. Increased individual and team performance
  5. Identification and optimization of strengths
  6. Anticipation and prevention of conflicts and problems

Why employing the services of Let’s Live is a good investment for your business

Let’s-Live has premium stress biofeedback solutions and we boast of an impressive clientele from all over the world. Our founder Francois Janse van Rensburg is a Master Coach in behavioral modification and science who has coached and mentored thousands of leaders, managers, and teams across the globe, helping them realize their full potential and meet personal as well as professional goals.

With Let’s-Live , you can be sure that your team will be coached by passionate, dedicated and satisfied coaches who have helped numerous people discover an infinite pool of strength and motivation within themselves along with a sea of promising opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

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