Wellness Coaching For the Entire Company

Wellness Coaching For the Entire Company

Wellness coaching has its roots in the trio of life coaching, the behavioral change theory, and human psychology and is currently one of the latest trends in health and fitness. Wellness coaching at Let’s Live has been designed to provide holistic care towards the overall health – mental, physical, and spiritual of people braving the competitive and stressful work environment.

If you’re not sure about enrolling your company for a wellness program consider the following components required to run any successful business –

  1. Passion and strong belief in what you do
  2. A target market segment
  3. A strategically formulated and well thought of business plan
  4. A system or process that lets you deliver products and services to your target market

Having all workers engaged in a wellness program will help you reinstate the relevance of your business – its products and services – in the eyes of your employees. Think of it as a refresher course aimed at getting all employees to remember the importance of what you do.

Having a motivated employee base will help you target the market more effectively. It builds trust in the target market, and confidence in what they do will help employees perform exceptionally well in front of prospects and customers. Besides, you can ensure commitment and dedication from employees in achieving the goals they have been set up for.

With mental, emotional, and physical well being ensured, employees and the management will be able to put their vision and perspective to good use and draft up a progressive business plan. Additionally, overall wellness will ensure that the majority of processes and operating procedures are adhered to by the employees. Increased motivation, decreased stress and a clear vision of why employees are doing what they’re doing will help them deliver extraordinary results.

How wellness coaching for your entire company will be advantageous for you

A 2010 study quantified the advantages of life and wellness coaching programs hosted by companies for their employees. The study revealed that when companies increase the investments they make in employee engagement programs by about ten percent, they stand a chance of reaping around £1,500 increase in revenues from each employee each year.

Now take a moment to consider what this would mean for your company. Say the company employs 1200 people. By investing in employee wellness programs for your company, you stand a chance to see revenues increased by around £1.8 million, in only a year!

When we talk about wellness coaching for your company, we really mean the entire company, including the non-human resources. We follow a fully comprehensive and integrated approach towards the coaching of the employees and increasing the overall health of the corporate environment your company maintains.

We are specialists in stress solutions, stress biofeedback, and our services include –

  • Providing assistance in choosing corporate colors and decor to promote a relaxed, less-straining work environment
  • Coaching employees and the management on the effects of plants and music on the overall work environment as well as employee productivity
  • Providing alternatives and suggestions for healthy foods, water and organic vitamins

Reduction of stress and conflict in individuals and groups is another important component of our wellness coaching program for your company. We focus on improving mental tenacity, maintaining physical strength, and promoting emotional well being of your employees.

The wellness coaching at Let’s Live

Let’s Live is your one stop shop for all business needs. right from deciding what colors should your office’s interiors be, to making the best and most healthy food, water and vitamins available for employees in the cafeteria, at Let’s Live you will find expert assistance aimed at building employee morale, customer satisfaction, and increasing revenues.

It’s not an exaggeration when they say health is wealth. Invest in Let’s Live’s wellness coaching for entire company to increase both.

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