What Is Communication?

What Is Communication?

As the pace of society continues to increase with advancements in communication technologies, many individuals exhaust themselves struggling to keep up. Balancing the personal realm against the professional is no easy task. It is no surprise then that those individuals who continue to ignore their emotional needs, inevitably experience outbursts. New research is indicating that language and thought may have a greater role in defining our emotional states than we initially believed.

Power of Communication

Understanding the way in which the unconscious mind works, and the way to effectively manage emotions, can be the key to effective communication and greater inter-personal relationships. The power of communication is there for all to see but just like with anything powerful, it can be used as a weapon as well as a tool. The art of communicating effectively is one that can be applied across any situation or circumstance. It can be used to persuade or gull individuals into revealing information or their true intentions. Conversely, being able to communicate in a manner that is sympathetic to the receiver is the first step towards developing strong relationships based on transparency and honesty.

The ability to communicate effectively cannot be gained unless one has a strong understanding of what communication itself is. Communication is typically divided into two categories, non-verbal and verbal.

Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication relates to any message that can be inferred through gestures, behavior, body language, smells, and even dress sense. This kind of communication may not be directed at a particular individual but can provide valuable insight into the beliefs and pre-dispositions of a person. Recording how aspects of non-verbal communication like body language change can help determine how a person may be feeling, in response to a particular issue.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication refers to any kind of communication that is spoken. Understanding your own state of mind and those of the people around you is extremely crucial in order to communicate effectively. Having the ability to communicate using language that resonates with the receiver’s own subjectivity will allow you to develop a relationship that is premised on trust. In developing this trust, individuals are more likely to share their true beliefs and emotions.

Effective Communication

Effective verbal communication can be extremely helpful in settling conflicts. Business managers and executives are required to be excellent communicators to ensure that their workforce is well-informed and fairly treated. Healthy communication between a couple at home will make sure relationships remain strong, not to mention that it helps to eliminate stress. Moreover, being able to communicate one’s own subjectivity effectively within a social setting can also help develop new relationships faster. 

There are a number of techniques that business executives and happy couples use in order to ensure that their communication remains effective. When it comes to dealing with inter-personal problems within the workplace, analyzing the manner in which a person is communicating, and his/her body language can provide insight as to the psychological state of the individual, and whether he/she is being truthful. In businesses today, it is important to resolve internal conflicts in the swiftest manner possible, in order to avoid operational inefficiencies.

The ability to communicate effectively is also highly valued in sales. Sales professionals have an extraordinary ability to ‘read’ their customers on first glance and coax them into purchasing a product or service.

Let’s-Live Coaching

Let’s-Live offers a number of coaching programs that offer students a new approach to communication. Courses are based on the works of several acclaimed authors including Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Richard Bandler. Through our communication courses, individuals will learn the subtle science of communication, as well as various strategies of communication.

Let’s-Live courses are tailored specifically to address our clients’ needs and can span anywhere between 2 hours and a full year.

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